As we return to work, do we choose to follow our head or our heart?

This question played on my mind and my heart for what felt like years. You see, everything I do, I love. I love elements of every decision I make, every job I have had, every course I had studied. I loved the challenge, the social side, the connections of my retail jobs, then later in life my teaching career. I loved that I was making a difference in the lives of kids, I loved the 'profession'. Until I didn't. I mean, I will always love elements, but I do believe life is a journey with each experience leading us to the next. However, I felt the pull just has many of us have, to return back to to safety, to what I knew, to what was familiar.

As my children grew, time felt a little freer, my head a little clearer. I started to remember myself again. I enjoyed self reflecting and that's when I noticed.... I noticed my heart whispering, I remembered what really lit me up. The pull I have always had towards art, creativity, to my photography, to deep connection with the human sprit and being inspired by surrounding myself with people that I truly resonated with. I felt a pull to a quieter, calmer life, one away from the chaos, jam packed schedules, endless to do lists and meetings that didn't seem to benefit anyone but the leaders of the school that had to tick things off their agenda. I felt the pull away from a career where I was 'expected' to front up each and every day (for the rest of my life) to classrooms filled with high energy children and motivate, inspire, be patient and kind consistently when sometimes I didn't even have the motivation myself. Only to come home to my own little cherubs to give some more until the day was done. I loved it all, I love being in caring roles, but it wasn't long until I felt I had no more to give.... call this burnout, awareness or a mid life crisis, i'm not sure!

I found myself standing at the crossroads of returning to work after dedicating myself to being a mum for so long. This stirred up a multitude of emotions and questions. It's a tender moment, where you find yourself torn between the familiar and the unknown, between the responsibilities you've held and the whispers of your heart calling you towards a new path. Allow me to gently guide you through this contemplative time and offer some insights on what to do next, if you too are at this CROSSROAD.

  1. Listen to Your Heart: Take a deep breath, and listen to the gentle whispers of your heart. Connect with your innermost desires and aspirations. What dreams have been stirring within you? What passions have been quietly calling your name? Trust the wisdom that resides within you, for it holds the key to your authentic path.
  2. Reflect on Your Values: Reflect upon your values and consider how they align with your current situation. What matters most to you? What kind of impact do you wish to create in the world? Aligning your choices with your values will guide you towards a path that feels purposeful and fulfilling.
  3. Explore Your Passions: Embrace curiosity and explore your passions. What activities bring you joy and ignite your soul? What lights you up from within? Engaging with your passions can help uncover new possibilities and provide clarity on the path that resonates most deeply with you.
  4. Seek Support and Guidance: Surround yourself with a nurturing support system. Connect with like-minded individuals, seek out mentors, or join communities where you can share your thoughts and fears openly. Seek guidance from those who have walked a similar path or have expertise in the areas you wish to explore. Their wisdom can offer valuable insights and reassurance.
  5. Take Small Steps: Embracing change doesn't necessarily mean making sudden and drastic shifts. Start by taking small steps towards your heart's calling. You can begin by exploring new interests, pursuing part-time work, or engaging in volunteer opportunities that align with your passions. This gradual approach allows you to gain confidence and clarity as you navigate your way forward.
  6. Embrace Self-Care: Nurturing yourself is essential during this transformative phase. Prioritize self-care and self-reflection. Create space for quiet introspection, journaling, or meditation. By tending to your well-being, you'll be better equipped to listen to your inner voice and make decisions that align with your heart's desires.
  7. Trust the Journey: Remember that the journey unfolds at its own pace. Embrace the process and trust that your heart will guide you towards the path that is right for you. Be open to unexpected opportunities and allow yourself to grow and evolve along the way. Trust in your innate wisdom and the support of the universe.

Know that whichever path you choose, it is never too late to follow your heart. Your role as a mum has nurtured you with profound love and strength, and now you have the opportunity to weave your dreams into the tapestry of your life. Embrace the uncertainty with courage, tenderness, and a deep belief in yourself. The answers lie within, waiting for you to embrace them and step into the beautiful journey that awaits.

With Passion and Purpose

Mel.O xoxox