Imagine what a year of Creative guidance, Support & Consistent Artful imagery could do for your business!

Bring to life an authentic representation of what your heart wishes to share with the world as you invite your Soul Essence to shine through in your Business Branding.

So you can attract, connect & serve those you have intentionally created your offerings for in the first place.

Are you ready to share your offerings with clarity, passion & purpose!

You are so blooming passionate about what you offer

BUT you find it hard to get clarity in your messaging and find you lose creative momentum around your business marketing and messaging as there is no one to bounce your ideas off or to get excited with.

You feel connected to brands that share their face and story

BUT you have no clue how to achieve this for your own brand. You are tired of using the same old go to images and that head shot of yourself from 5 years ago. Trying to be a ninja to get images of yourself just doesn't cut it.

You want to share your socials and website with confidence

BUT you find yourself sitting in a space of instagram grid shame or worse still, being MIA (missing in action) leaving followers wondering if you are even operating anymore. You have a desire for fresh artful imagery.


Your Soul Essence is what makes your brand unique and your Heart Led nature has ensured that you have created something so special to share with the world. You know you are damn good at what you do and have something so crazy valuable to offer.


  • You spend some time really feeling into the business you want to create
  • You invite support into your life and business
  • You start treating your business with the love and respect it deserves because you know that what you do in this lifetime matters
  • You lean into celebrating all parts of you and your business and honour exactly where you are at
  • You start to become intentional about where you want to take it.
  • You no longer stay hidden or get drowned out in the competition


You will find that all parts of your life align and your business will support and nourish both you and your clients in wilder ways than you can imagine. Imagine being able to share your offerings with clarity, passion and purpose so you can attract, connect and serve those that you intended your business for in the first place.


  • You had a creative biz bud that sees you & understands the hustle of having a heart led small business.
  • You connected with someone who you could bounce ideas off and cared enough to listen and get excited with you.
  • You had consistent fresh imagery that reflected your evolving brand, so sharing felt exciting and easeful.
  • You no longer sat in a space of instagram grid shame or worse still, being MIA (missing in action) leaving followers wondering if you are operating anymore.
  • You oozed the kind of energy about your offerings that attracts aligned souls.
  • You invited in creative guidance so that you could share your gifts with clarity, passion and purpose.
  • You could enrich others lives simply by attracting & connecting with the people that can benefit from your offerings

Are you ready to become more intentional about your business and allow it's SOUL ESSENCE TO SHINE THROUGH so you can be found by the people you intended to serve in the first place?

So you are wondering

"What is included?"

Well its not just a collection of photo shoots, its a creative journey and opportunity of growth for your Heart Led business as it evolves, just as you do.

Here are the inclusions of a 12 month subscription package with Splash of Life

4 photo shoots

You choose when you engage in these throughout the 12 months. however it might be nice to have a seasonal photo shoot each quarter to allow for your fresh offers and ideas to be captured. This will keep your content fresh throughout the year. These sessions are 90mins and include headshots also. These can be used for location or an event. Expect around 100 images per session & short videos to enhance your socials. Note: Some photoshoots can be swapped out for other services such as Website design, Instagram overhaul, Design work

BONUS Soul Mapping session

worth $380

Creative mentoring session using design theories, conscious conversation, curious questions and guided meditation to clarify your brand voice, vision and story.

Notice the benefits of creative conversation and intentional planning

Allow 2.5 hrs for this session

BONUS Creative buddy in your pocket

worth $1200

You can find me in your back pocket. Over Voxer. You can share your ideas, ask questions (all things design and branding), bounce your ideas back and forth when it's coming up to your shoots, and simply have someone to bounce off and share your excitement. Embrace the power of inspired conversation and connection

BONUS Canva templates

worth $600

Each season I will design and send you out fresh canva tiles. A set of 25 to share your content. You can customise with your brand colours and your text (that we will choose in your soul mapping session). Enjoy the ease of sharing content with these attractive tiles.

$245 au per month for 12 months

including $2180 worth of valuable bonuses

A few other year long options

So why the yearly package, rather than a one off branding photo shoot?

This signature offering is NOT just a photo shoot. It is a collaborative, supported year long experience between you and me that will allow you the spaciousness and awareness to reflect, celebrate and bring to life an authentic representation of what your heart wishes to share with the world

Sometimes a one off just isn't enough. Its the consistency, conversations and spaciousness over time that bring on the consistent momentum.

You no longer need to use old images on your socials and website that you no longer align with. If you desire new exciting fresh images but find you never get around to booking in the photoshoot (or not even knowing who you would book) then this year long supported journey would be perfect as you wouldn't find yourself re explaining your whole vibe and story to someone new each time you engage in creative services, not to mention the big chunk of change you need each time you hire a service to help. You will have someone who understands you and your business.

A 'Splash of Life' subscription guarantees you will always have something new to share with your audience, someone to bounce ideas off and get excited with and creative guidance as you move towards sharing your offerings with clarity, confidence, passion & purpose.

We subscribe to our fave mag, yoga membership or gift box so why wouldn't we consider subscribing to a year of support for our Heart Led business

“We all have our own unique energetic signature and so does our business. Like our own personal song that emits out into the world.”

Dear Heart Led

I wanted to let you know that I see you

I see the heart and soul behind the scenes, that goes into your heart led offerings

The self doubt and burn out (at times) as you juggle the 100 balls that is running your own small business. Getting your message and face out to the world consistently. Keeping your message and presence fresh and aligned can feel overwhelming at times.

You are inspired by others but sometimes the comparisonitis takes over in this space.

You lead and live from you heart as you allow your values to authentically guide your own life and your business.

You love what you do so much that you couldn't imagine life without your work and business.. it's part of you.

I hope to support you so your imagery and brand speak abundantly about you, your business, your offerings... and encapsulate your SOUL ESSENCE

I do not take our crossing of paths for granted, however completely in awe of the serendipitous connections that continue to arise in life.

When we work together, I imagine we will connect heart to heart, as we speak the same language and are on the same page

The idea is for your images to be a beautiful reminder to yourself that you are leading and living from your heart

The light in me, sees the light in YOU!

Soul to Soul - Eye to Eye

Love, Mel.O xo


from some of my heart led tribe

love notes (a.k.a testimonials)


“Mel, you are such a kind hearted soul and i'm sooo grateful the universe made our paths cross. If you looking for an amazing photographer to capture your true essence then this is your gal. You will feel complelty safe and comfortable with Mel and she will bring out your absolute best. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
- Kirsteen, Samana Yoga -”

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Has your business been created from a place of bliss, passion & purpose?

If so we are likely a good fit

I'd love to meet you to enjoy a cosy cuppa and chat together.

Having a number of small businesses of my own in the heart led space, that are continuously evolving as I am, I am able to connect with you on this level and hear your story, witness you in all your light and work with you to bring a consistent, creative and aligned appearance to your brand.

It would be my honour.

Love Mel.O xo


Meet mel.o

Mel is a multi passionate, creative, adventurous & sensitive soul from Ocean Grove.

Through an inspired, creative life of Art & Photography she has invited in deeper presence with her world, emotions & essence.

‘Splash of Life’ allows Mel to combine her passions, learnt life lessons, continual conscious self growth & extensive creative, photographic, educator & space holding experience to compassionately & creatively support Heart Leds on their evolving journeys.

Her heart has led her to here!


FAQ for Heart Led Entrepreneurs

What is branding photography?

Brand photography is the art of capturing a business in an engaging and unique way. These images are used to represent your brand and offerings online, in print materials, social media, posts and more. The goal of brand photography is to build awareness and connection to your business or product that you share. Brand photography is a curated collection of professional images that visually represent your business – including photos of you, your team, your space, your products, you story and you’re the heart of your business

Hearts want to connect with other hearts, relate to others stories and feel the soul of your brand. Brand photography is more than just beautiful imagery. Its more than capturing how you work or where you work. To reveal the soul of your brand and the magic you offer, you need consistency in your look and message to gain trust, well crafted and planned photos that reveal the core of your story and offerings. Having all your visual elements working together including your colours, cohesively to maintain a strong brand identity.

what are the benefits of branding photography?

Really there are so many. You can read my BLOG - BENEFITS OF BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY via my blog link. But really it's simple.

By capturing intentional, artful imagery of what you and your business are all about (your soul essence), you can confidently share your brand vision, value and offerings with clarity, passion and purpose so you can attract and connect with your dream clients.

So much heart has gone into your business vision and offerings - don’t get shy now, its time to share the goodness you have created and shine your light with confidence”

How could a brand refresh benefit me and my business?

Hearts want to connect with other hearts, relate to others stories and feel the soul of your brand. Brand photography is more than just beautiful imagery. Its more than capturing how you work or where you work. To reveal the soul of your brand and the magic you offer, you need consistency in your look and message to gain trust, well crafted and planned photos that reveal the core of your story and offerings. Having all your visual elements working together including your colours, cohesively to maintain a strong brand identity.

What is your turn around time?

After each photo shoot I aim to have your completed digital gallery delivered to you within a 3 week time frame. More often than not, I get so excited about working on clients photos that I start work on them in all my small pockets of time and get you your collection of images within a 2 week time frame. I will stay in communication with you throughout the process. This time frame refers viewable and instantly downloadable digital images delivered to you on your personal online user friendly gallery.

Please understand print products will add more time onto this for production and delivery.

What rights do I have to use the images?

Some photographers like to make this part complicated. I see it very simply. I am the eye and designer, supporting your business. I am one of your biggest cheer leaders. I want you to be able to use your images any way you wish, any way that helps you get seen, noticed so you can continue making a positive impact on others lives, just as you intended from your heart felt offering.

Once you receive your images, they will be fully downloadable. You can then use these in print products, marketing materials, website refresh, social media marketing etc.

My intention is for these images we captured together to elevate your brand and get noticed by those you wish to attract the most.

When you are ready for fresh images I will be here to support you through capturing your evolved vision and just to say THANK YOU, once you have one session you become a VIP and you will receive a discount for each session you book in the future.

FAQ about the Subscription

What if I need to end my subscription early?

Usually I can credit you in some other way eg: you are no longer running your business because you are having a baby - I can take your maternity or family photos instead

I wont be able to offer refunds but you will be able to use your credit within my services and offerings

what are the benefits of a subscription?

So many benefits. Here are a few. Package is great value as it includes lots of valuable BONUS inclusions. It ensures consistent fresh content, it will encourage you to do a year plan which always benefits a business. You will have momentum in your creative business ideas with a creative mentor in your pocket. The year support allows for your business to evolve as you do. Having a connection with me over the year, means I know you, know your brand and so that connection will assist with the flow of ideas and planning. The soul mapping session will allow you to get clear on your message, offerings, look, feel and direction.

What if I don't need all the inclusions?

I offer photo sessions on their own, and design packages on their own also, so might prefer one of those options over the subscription

The buddy in pocket and soul mapping session and canva designs are all BONUSES so you dont need to use them if you don't need that service to still get your moneys worth

Do you service other areas?

At this stage this service is only avaialble to heart led entreprenuers that are based in Geelong, the Surfcoast or the Bellarine Peninsula

Can I support you?

Has your business been created from a place of bliss, purpose and passion?

Heart Leds that I have and wish to serve


Are you an ethical or sustainable fashion brand?

Look books, website images and online store imagery are well beyond the old plain white backgrounds. Lets create with all the good feels


I love shooting for practioners and coaches in health, wellness & healing spaces.

We speak the same language, it is felt and received. Visually and wholeheartedly sharing your offerings to the world.

It's a perpetual and empowering gift that you offer.


I'm a creative through and through. I know what it is like to get in creative flow. Where time becomes irrelevant. Lets bliss out together, as we create some magic. Calling.. Interior designers, artists, authors, florists, illustrators, performers, film makers.

The world would be a boring place without your creative soul.


Supporting others to nourish themselves. All the good feels arise during your yoga class, sound healing, massage experience, treatment or womens retreat.

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are

INTIMATE & enchanting STORES, CAFES and Retreat Spaces

Our favourite places to hang out are those created with love. Unique, quirky, cosy, inspiring and intimate spaces. You have something so special to share.... Calling wholefood store & cafe owners, gift stores, books stores, crystal stores, holiday resorts and retreat spaces.

"She heard the whispers of something awaken inside her, and she knew that she could no longer stay hidden, her heart wanted more for her and her business and it was time to move into alignment with her highest expression, creativity and truth. She was ready for her SOUL ESSENCE to shine bright"

She packed her courage and stood her ground and was now unshakable in her belief that

her business was of great value to others and it needed to be shared with clarity, passion and confidence.

And she knew that the only person who could take the first step was herself


- Splash of Life -