Hi, I'm Mel O


Hi, I'm Mel.O

A local Ocean Grove Creative Soul

I'm a recovering, once fast paced, multi tasking addict, now finding JOY, AWE and new AWARENESS in daily everyday moments as I enjoy the slower pace of life.

My happy place is when I have the time and space to fill my conversational & creative cup. Lit up by spaciousness, meaningful connections, natures beauty, creativity, adventure and new experiences.

I now choose to live and create from a place of bliss, purpose and passion. So here I am, enjoying the ever evolving journey of life and self discovery and the joy of following the heart above all else.

Slowly slowly we discover our true path. Revealed in symbolic puzzles pieces, gentle whispers and serendipitous synchronicities. The mystery of life continues to unweave.

More aware than i've ever been before of my bodies responses and the knowing that we truly hold the answer to all our deepest questions . Its a expansive experience.

So let's explore this Journey of life together as we all wander down our own incredible paths.

Through creating, art and photography i've invited in deeper presence with my world, emotions and true essence. The soul essence that helps us remember ourselves and return back to our truest, most joyful, hopeful and loving state.

I realise that to connect with others you have to show your face, open your heart and share your story.... allowing ourselves to get a little vulnerable with each other. These photos you see are exactly that. I never use to show my face and hiding behind the lens was my most comfortable spot to hang .

I know getting a little vulnerable is going to invite all sorts of wonderful discoveries, nourishing connections and serendipitous synchronicities.

One thing i'd love you to know about me is my SUPER POWER, which is my ability to put people at EASE and naturally CONNECT and take a genuine interest in others. I truly see you and celebrate all that you are.

Honestly, anyone can pick up a camera and push the button, right?

Making you feel taken care of, relaxed, seen, valued and completely at ease in front of the camera, as you share your story and heart led offerings. To really see you and allow you to feel comfortable and free is the most important part of this work and the part of photography I enjoy most of all. Because lets face it - most of us would love the branding or family photos but its the uncertainty in front of the camera that stops us. Lets not make this the reason you miss out on what will be, a fun, empowering, valuable and soulfully rewarding experience.

No need to by shy any longer... you have something so special to share, my dear. It's important that you feel like you can confidently share your gifts and light with the world.

I could go on to to say I'm also a teacher of 18 years, fell in love with photography at the at the age of 5, i'm an intuitive artist, art therapist, mum to 2 sweet young men, retreat facilitator, space holder, weekly womens circle member, lover and adventure seeker... but i'll keep that for when I share my story as it's all part of what led me here. We all have stories or journeys as I like to think of them.

I'd be honored to witness and capture yours!

With passion and purpose, Mel.O xo