Firstly, you might be asking....

What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is the art of capturing a business in an engaging and unique way. These images are used to represent your brand and offerings online, in print materials, social media, posts and more. The goal of brand photography is to build awareness and connection to your business or product that you share. Brand photography is a curated collection of professional images that visually represent your business – including photos of you, your team, your space, your products, you story and you’re the heart of your business

Hearts want to connect with other hearts, relate to others stories and feel the soul of your brand. Brand photography is more than just beautiful imagery. Its more than capturing how you work or where you work. To reveal the soul of your brand and the magic you offer, you need consistency in your look and message to gain trust, well crafted and planned photos that reveal the core of your story and offerings. Having all your visual elements working together including your colours, cohesively to maintain a strong brand identity.

So onto 6 of it's powerful BENEFITS


Your story is uniquely yours so share it with beautiful, eye-catching imagery! Whether it’s on your website, blog, in a social media post or through email marketing, tying it to an image will give a visual to your message. Are parts of your story inspiring, motivating, entertaining or educational? Be sure your images reflect that!


I have learned that sharing my passions, dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities attract like-minded clients more than any type of content I post! Most of us entrepreneurs mainly run our business online so we have to work extra hard to get our authentic selves represented in the digital space.


What are you bringing to the table? Own it! You offer a unique experience that no one else does so give insight into it with images tailored to that experience. There is only one you, so really feel into what makes you and your offerings unique.


Sharing consistent imagery customized to your business will elevate brand recognition! Use fresh and branded photos on your website, social media, email marketing, advertising, welcome guides, pricing guides, guest blogs, etc. and I guarantee you’ll stay top of mind when people need a service you provide!


When clients see professional, quality images throughout your platforms, they’ll know you take your business seriously. A professional headshot (you are the face of your business!), photos of your products, tools of your trade and you in your element will help position you as an expert in your field.


Having a creative, consistent visual representation of your brands vibe and offerings is so valuable. Often images catch the attention of your audience well and truly before any words are even noticed. Allow the imagery to share what you offer, what they can expect and set the scene for anticipation of transformation

I just want you to know that working with me, Mel the photographer and heart behind 'Splash of Life' your experience will not just a photo shoot. It is an experience that you will enjoy as you allow yourself the spaciousness to reflect and celebrate what you have whole heartedly created to share with the world.

We all have our own unique energetic signature and so does our business. Like our own personal song that emits out into the world. Lets make sure we capture that... Yours and your businesses SOUL ESSENCE!

"Creatively and compassionately supporting Heart Led businesses, by capturing intentional, artful imagery of what they are all about (their soul essence), so they can confidently share their brand vision, value & offerings with clarity, passion and purpose"

With Passion and Purpose

Mel.O xox

Brand Photography, Design & Holistic Mentoring for Heart Led Entrepreneurs

Ocean Grove. Victoria, Australia