Bellarine - Surfcoast - Geelong

Well Hello There

Hi I'm Mel

I'm a recovering, once fast paced, multi tasking addict, now finding JOY and new AWARENESS in daily everyday moments as I enjoy the slower pace of life. My happy place is when I have the time and space to fill my creative cup.

One thing i'd love you to know about me is my SUPER POWER, which is my ability to put people at EASE and naturally CONNECT with others.

Honestly, anyone can pick up a camera and push the button, right?

Making you feel taken care of, relaxed, seen, valued and completely at ease in front of the camera, that's the most important part of this work and the part of photography I enjoy most of all. Because lets face it - most of us would love the family photos but its the uncertainty in front of the camera that stops us. Lets not make this the reason you miss out on what will be, a fun, effortless and soulfully rewarding experience.

I have a serious love affair with... sunsets, beaches and their expansive nature but in contrast, equally live for the days at home with my Boys, Man and Murphy (gentle giant dog, who I swear is a human in a cute dog suit)

After photographing on and off for 16 years, primary teaching for 16 years and being a Mumma for the last 9, my experiences allow me to relate to most people on a human, emotional and heart felt level.

As a parent myself I have noticed how TIME has a strange contradiction.... You know the saying "Days feel long but the years are short". This juxtaposition gets me every time. Yep I feel like our babies are growing up ever so quickly. I'm sure you do too.

My passion is to help my families notice the NOW, to CELEBRATE the little tender moments sprinkled in the chaos and capture for them, their most meaningful and happy part of their life.... ORGANIC FAMILY CONNECTION.

When I'm not behind the camera you will find me out exploring outdoor adventures to old faves and exciting new locations with my family, enjoying long beach walks with my gentle giant groodle, in my art studio with a paint brush in hand, brunching it with friends sharing laughs during our D & Ms (deep and meaningfuls) or curled up with a book and a warm cuppa.

Oh and my greatest JOY is witnessing my boys growing and discovering themselves as they share their greatest fears and dreams, take risks, fall hard and shine bright.

COME ON.... Lets stop time together and capture your HAPPINESS, your MEANINGFUL .....YOUR WORLD!

Mel.O xox

Organic Family Photography & Artist in Ocean Grove, Victoria

PHOTO CREDIT: Sabrina Lunn Photography