Well Hello There

Well Hello There! Behind the camera and paintbrush is me, Mel.O. I have been fascinated with cameras, in love with making art and in awe of photographs since as long as I can remember.

I'm a creative soul and nature lover who seeks JOY in organic connections with the people that come into my life. I pick up peoples vibes and I am completely moved by the energies and sincere intentions of others. I notice the small details in life and constantly in awe of these wonders. I see beauty amongst the chaos and I want to do this for YOU too. I'd describe myself as a sensitive and gentle soul and have always felt connected to expressing myself creatively. I feel this is my strength in story telling and connecting with both my clients and my art.

I'm a Mum of 2 little fellas (aged 7 and 9, so not that little anymore - but im in denial over that) and wife to my best friend. I am also a Primary school art teacher and have worked with children in both a personal and professional space for 20 years.

My photography style is relaxed, organic, intimate and warm. Creating joyfully emotive images for you to cherish, share and show your little ones just how fiercely loved they are. I love playing with natural light, perspective and colour to capture something so intimate and beautiful and create something special with you, for you. It is this style of photography and the organic, honest moments that fill my creative cup.

I adore the wonder of childhood and value first hand how special it is to have your own little family to adore, nurture and do life with.

So my question to you is this.... Is your Life pumping out some pretty incredible moments right now? You know, those ordinary, everyday sort of wonderful moments that just make you pause in your day with a big smile and a grateful heart. Well they are the moments..... the moments worth catching and looking back on.

COME ON.... Lets stop time together and capture your HAPPINESS, YOUR MEANINGFUL ....YOUR WORLD!​

Mel.O xox ​

Organic Family Photography & Artist in Ocean Grove, Victoria



You can expect a relaxed and fun session…. My wish is for our time together to be free flowing and fun. Your session will be a chance for quality time together. I love to allow you the freedom to be in the moment, to be with one another, taking it all in. The perfect excuse to be present with each other, giggling, cuddling and playing. Sweet quiet moments will be welcomed and encouraged, where you can show your vulnerability and adoration for your family.

Of course, sometimes to allow my families to feel comfortable I can gently guide you through a mix of authentic positions and fun prompts that allow me to capture your love and connection as it is, in its most visually beautiful form. Naturally those in between candid moments unfold organically on their own from that point forward.

My hope is to keep things as simple and free flowing as possible, letting your connection and emotion do the talking.


PHOTO CREDIT: Sabrina Lunn Photography